You & I Care Services LTD, A Dream Come True.

You & I Care Services LTD, A Dream Come True.

While choosing  a care service provider, we do ask a number of questions aiming to ascertain whether the care provider is credible or whether they meet our needs.

Most times though we don’t ponder the story behind the care provider, which often times than not informs their philosophy in providing care.

You & I care services ltd is a young care service provider that is a dream come true.

It has been a dream for the last ten years, ran and managed by a carer who realised from her first day at work as a carer that she would one day become an outstanding care service provider. With the support of her colleagues bearing  the same dream, You & I Care Services LTD became a reality.

“I remember from my early days at work when I asked an elderly lady about how it felt to be old, and this was the answer in her own words ‘having a young mind with a failing body’”, reminisces Mrs. Lausa Biragi, You & I Care’s founder.

“Throughout my career as a carer I have appreciated how frustrating it can be to rely on someone else for the things that you could do yourself in the past. I have dreamt of a service that would become a compatible extension of you and I’s failing bodies at one point in our lives”, she adds.

Essentially, You & I Care’s story is one of clear realisation that it’s frustrating for one to at some point in life be incapable of doing the things they used to do and the need for not only filling this void but also creating a compatible extension of our (YOU AND I) failing bodies at some point in life as the guiding philosophy.

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