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What Is Companionship Care?

Companion care is a form of home care providing non-medical support and care to older adults or people who are liable to become lonely, or those who have been suffering from loneliness for some time. Under companion care, a carer companion goes to the Service User’s home and spends time with them, helping them with simple tasks, playing games, and encouraging them to go out and about among other things.

About You & I Care’s Companionship Care:

Whether you live across the country or across the street from your aging family members, it helps to know they have someone nearby if they need support and care. Sometimes the right home care for your loved one is just having a friendly, compassionate companion who visits regularly to sit, chat, and reminisce and help with some simple tasks or going out and about.

Why Choose You & I Care’s Companionship care?

Companionship is one of the most important aspects of You & I Care Ltd where we provide Service Users with a strong sense of family and compassion, taking an interest in the Service User, their life and their environment creates an everlasting bond. Whether it is playing a favourite board game or a card game, reading, taking a stroll or visiting with friends and neighbours, life is meant to enjoy.

Our Carer Companion keeps your loved one socially engaged at home, and can accompany them to visit friends or family, to social events, or to visit local sites.

Some of the activities that You & I Care Companions can help with:

  • Social events and friend visits
  • Shopping and errands
  • Personal correspondence and memoirs
  • Medication prompts and reminders
  • Scrapbooking
  • Gardening
  • Home projects
  • Safety and security

You & I Care's Process

Our Process ensures that the care we provide is personalised
to the unique needs of an individual Service User.

Contact Us

You contact us and we have a chat to gain insight into your needs.

Needs Assessment

We Carry out an assessment to best understand your needs.

Care Plan

We develop your care plan, entailing all that we need to do.

Start Care

Once a care plan is in place, we commence work.



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