Personal Care

Personal Care

Our Carers can provide support with personal hygiene and day-to-day routines. We have a wide range of personal care packages designed to help you with your daily activities in the confines of your home.

These packages include washing, helping with pre-poured medicines, incontinence care, personal hygiene, nail care, hair washing, picking out coordinated out fits, help getting dressed or applying makeup. The Carer will take your best interests at heart.


Our Carer assistant will assist you with your dressing needs, for example by enabling you put together that amazing outfit for an evening stroll. We understand that dressing is a personal thing and our Carers are trained to assist you while respecting your choices and doing their job with all the desired privacy and sensitivity.

Bathing and Washing:

We know that bathing and washing are quite personal and it might come off as embarrassing to be undressed in front of a stranger or strangers. However, You & I Care Services Limited offers dignified care, with Carers who respect your privacy. We also strive to maintain your independence by understanding and respecting your choices and preferences to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Washing Hair:

Most people like having their hair washed regularly. Also, some people enjoy the feeling of having their hair washed and feel better when it is done. Our Carers can also assist you with washing your hair, while tactfully balancing the advantages of clean hair against the disadvantages of creating tension with you while providing personal care. This, by studying and understanding your tastes and preferences.


This can be quite sensitive to you and your carer. However, we can provide you with dignified care, whatever the extent of the problem. Our Carer assists you to and from the toilet and attends to your personal hygiene where required for your health and comfort.

Assistance with Medication:

When you are faced with a condition that requires continued medication, it is import to take your medicine on schedule and in a proper manner as prescribed so as to keep your condition in check, so that it does not become worse.

Our Carers are trained and are conversant enough to assist you with taking your medication correctly and at the right time.

You & I Care's Process

Our Process ensures that the care we provide is personalised
to the unique needs of an individual Service User.

Contact Us

You contact us and we have a chat to gain insight into your needs.

Needs Assessment

We Carry out an assessment to best understand your needs.

Care Plan

We develop your care plan, entailing all that we need to do.

Start Care

Once a care plan is in place, we commence work.



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