Waking Night And Sleep-in Care

You & I Care, Wake -in Care or Sleep-in Care

What is Waking Night And Sleep-in Care?

Waking night care is a form of home care where a Carer remains awake all night to cover any Care needs that might arise, while sleep-in care is a form of home care where a Carer sleeps in your home and is on hand to offer any support when required. Waking night care is suitable for people with a regular need for support overnight while sleep-in care is suitable for people who don’t require regular support overnight.

About You & I Care’s Waking Night And Sleep-in Care:

You & I Care provides waking night and sleep-in care on ongoing basis, or sometimes as a form of respite care which may be required for a short duration.

Our waking night and sleep-in care service may be more suited to your care needs if you require increased attention throughout the night or if you are awake for extended amounts of time. As part of our waking night and sleep-in care, our Carer will be able to support with all your care needs whether they are complex or minimal and be available to offer you companionship, Personal care, assistance with medication and address any safety concerns you may have, offering you complete reassurance at any hour.

You & I Care's Process

Our Process ensures that the care we provide is personalised
to the unique needs of an individual Service User.

Contact Us

You contact us and we have a chat to gain insight into your needs.

Needs Assessment

We Carry out an assessment to best understand your needs.

Care Plan

We develop your care plan, entailing all that we need to do.

Start Care

Once a care plan is in place, we commence work.



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