For A Great 2018, We Thank You.

We would like to thank all our Service Users, Carers, friends and colleagues for an amazing 2018. 2018, also our second anniversary year came with a number of highlights enabling us to take tremendous steps in fulfilling our commitment to always care. As we reflect on 2018, we are only positive that 2019 will be an amazing year of care, of loving and of continued positive contribution to the changing face of ageing.

Here are some of the highlights from 2018,

Care Quality Commission Inspection:

Between 10th and 16th July 2018, the Care Quality Commission carried out a routine inspection of You & I Care’s service. The inspection involved a visit to our office on 10 July and telephone conversations with people who have used our service on 13 and 16 July 2018, together with interviews of staff.

We were assessed on whether our service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. Following an inspection report that was published on 2nd/August/2018, we scored highly in all and our service was ranked good.

Senior’s Club:

In an effort to fulfill our commitment to changing the face of ageing. We throughout the course of 2018 held a series of Senior’s Club Meetups. In these meetups, we have always had a chance to interact with seniors, offer advice and support, engage in a number of activities and socialize over tea and music parties. Through these meetups, we have improved our relationship with seniors and also been a better part of their lives, helping to stop isolation and keep them actively part of the local community.

You & I Care Hub:

Through the course of 2018 also, we held a series of events under the You & I Care Hub, where we have met Carers and people interested in being Carers. Happening every last Tuesday of the month, the You & I Care Hub has availed people with an opportunity to talk to our caring team that makes a difference every day, for care advice and support, information on becoming a Carer and socializing.

Bigger and stronger team:

While we are still growing our team to best meet  increasing care demands, we  over the course of 2018 increased the number of our Carers, who also are well equipped to provide excellent care to our Care Users. We also set up a recruitment platform to enable Carers to join our team.

You & I Care Star Award:

#YouAndICare Star Award, celebrating our stars. In a better to foster competitiveness and continued self improvement among our Carers, we inaugurated the You & I Care Star Award, a quarterly award whose aim is to recognize our Carers who have served above and beyond.

You & I Care Charitable Initiative:

Through charity, our goal is to contribute to the betterment of our communities by overcoming some of the health and social challenges we face. In 2018 we initiated the You & I Care Charitable Initiative through which we participated in a number of charity initiatives for example the memory walk for Alzheimer’s society, together with a number of fundraising campaigns online.

Events and community engagement:

In 2018 also, we improved our engagement and participation in  a number of events within our communities of operation. We were part of events that include,

  • The Billericay Summerfest on Sunday 8th/July/2018,
  • Summer 2018 Family Fan Days at King George’s Playing Fields on Friday 27th/July/2018,
  • Services For Seniors Event, Brentwood on 1st/October/2018 from 12:00-4:00PM,
  • Lighting Up Brentwood Event on 24th/November/2018,
  • Shenfield Christmas Fayre on 9th/December/2018 and
  • The Alzheimer’s Society Elf bake-off.

These events enabled us to best identify with and understand the needs of the communities with in which we operate, through leisure, fun, entertainment and meaningful conversations.

Appreciation from Service Users:

In our practice, we live by our vision and promise, to provide meaningful and life changing care to our service users. In so doing, we cherish knowing how our service users feel about our work and knowing how the care we provide has impacted their lives.

2018 was a year of continued appreciation and positive feedback from Service Users and their loved ones, for the impact-full care we provide.

To us, 2018 was an amazing year and we appreciate all the support that has enabled us to have such an amazing year of care.

For 2019, our promise still is to always care, and we are looking forward to doing it better, stronger and bigger.

We wish you all an amazing 2019.

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